is an email distribution list management service for Nebraska University faculty, staff, students, and other affiliated parties. Its primary purpose is distribution to -- and management of -- E-mail lists. The core software engine is called 'listserv' from L-Soft.

Some email lists are configured to keep archives of postings. The link above takes you to the list-of-lists. If a list has not been configured to be visible to the general public, you will have to search for the list using the search box at the bottom of the list-of-lists page.
Subscribe to a list
If you know the name of the list to which you wish to subscribe, you can do so with a Web interface.
Unsubscribe from a list
If you know the name of the list from which you wish to unsubscribe, you can do so with a Web interface.
Web Sign-up Instructions
Many listserv functions must know who you are to work. The web interface will require you to identify yourself on a login page. In order to be able to login, you must register your email address and a password with the listserv system.
List Owners
An "Owner" of an email list is the person responsible for maintaining the membership, dealing with delivery errors, and controlling the content of the list (many of these functions can be automated).
List Members
Any email address signed-up to a list is a member of that list. Members can control the format of message delivery, sign-up to other lists, and sign-off of lists using the Subscriber's Corner
Ownership/Membership Search
If you are not sure about your email address being an owner or member, you can search the database for your address(es).
Request New List
NU faculty, staff, and students can request the creation of a new email list.